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Gratitude and Being Extraordinary

ice cream at Anzio's restaurant Phoenix

In my keynote “The Power of the Extraordinary You” I talk about everyday occurrences that can be turned from ordinary to extraordinary. Last weekend I experienced an extraordinary surprise that has turned me into a raving fan of a little neighborhood Italian Restaurant.

While in an area that was new to us, Steve and I discovered a hidden gem.

Upon entering the busy restaurant, we were seated within a minute at a table that could accommodate 8 people. Think about it – Saturday night, busy restaurant – normally they would reserve the large table for large parties and make couples wait but here they had a different philosophy – first come first servetreat our guests like family.

After a delicious dinner and amazing service, Maggie our waitress asked if we would like to see the desert menu. We responded “no” but told her we would be back, explaining that this was our first visit to their establishment. A few minutes later she returned with a wonderful surprise for us. Maggie wanted to make us feel special and welcome us so she brought us a delicious desert free of charge that said, “Welcome to Anzio’s”. Wow! We were thrilled!

Maggie’s gesture created a powerful emotion of gratitude in us. Maggie had been in service to us all evening and made us feel as though we were the only customers she had – which was far from the truth. But what made the experience extraordinary was Maggie’s willingness to take the service to another level – an emotional one. Maggie took the opportunity to create an extraordinary customer service moment that will result in loyalty and lots of referrals.

It was one moment in her very busy day, yet Maggie decided to do something extraordinary to make us feel like we were worthy, that we were cared for, that we were special. And let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to feel special.

If you are in the Phoenix area and want authentic Italian please visit Anzio’s and make sure you ask for Maggie! What one thing can you do today – one extraordinary thing to make someone else feel special?

It is with gratitude and love that we extend a warm Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends and followers and to those reading this blog from around the world, may you experience many blessings and much to be grateful for!

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