The Power of the Extraordinary You:
Motivational Keynote

Extraordinary people do things that make their life more valuable and different than the rest. How would your organization change if each employee had the confidence to be extraordinary?

Extraordinary employees create better customer experiences, more productive peer engagement and transform business relationships.

Most people put up roadblocks or are held back by fear based thinking. What if attendees could discover the secrets to removing those blocks? What if attendees could shed the habits and beliefs that suffocate them? This keynote will provide actionable steps and key insights to skyrocket careers and personal lives.

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"Carol’s keynote was the most amazing experience."
Debbie Guidice, 3’C’s Conference, Tulalip, WA

"Carol demonstrated how the power of our actions and the power of our words can change lives, including our own"
Bonnie McCombs, Training Manager, NWPPA

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Keynote Attendees
will learn to:

Identify the mindset that holds them back and may keep them shackled to mediocrity

Unlock the belief that empowers their success

Be powerful regardless of the circumstance

Share, grow, laugh and maybe shed a tear

Return to work and life, fired up, focused and fearless

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Carol is available to speak at events throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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