Workplace Violence

Workshops for 15 people, a seminar for 50 or a keynote for 500

Known for her customization, compelling storytelling and ability to engage the audience, Carol masterfully facilitates and delivers information in a way that people find intriguing!

Carol wants to demystify the misconceptions around workplace violence and fear!

With The Stay Safe Project Carol is declaring a new paradigm! She wants people to move away from Fear based thinking, which is limiting, paralyzing and just plain negative! Instead Carol is leading the way for clients to Empower their employees with knowledge, skill, strength and understanding!

Carol Cambridge (formerly Fredrickson) is a recognized authority on workplace violence, workplace conflict & personal safety. Carol is the Founder & CEO of The Stay Safe Project & Violence Free.

Her career began as a communication specialist in emergency services and disaster preparedness with a Canadian Law Enforcement Agency. In a high stress environment where a bad decision could result in lives lost, Carol received a Police Chiefs Commendation for saving the life of a police officer!

Today, 25 years later, Carol has taught over 150,000 people how to make good decisions. She masterfully delivers in a way, which engages her audiences.

Through years of studying adult learning, she is able to reach any audience. Highly profiled for her expertise, she is constantly sought by media for comments when workplace shootings and tragedies occur. Carol has been interviewed by: ABC, NBC, CBC, USA Today & News Channel Asia In Singapore.

Carol Cambridge

Carol Cambridge

Carol Cambridge

As early as age 7, I found myself standing up for those who couldn't speak for themselves, those who were afraid and those who had been abused. I stood up to bullies in the playground, on the police department and in later years bullies who threaten and intimidate others in corporations across North America.

I've watched people paralyzed by fear and I too have experienced that. It's a horrible place to be! My mission both professionally and personally is to teach people how to act from their strength NOT from their fear. It is only when we act from strength that we make smart decisions, wise choices and become powerful beings.


Carol's experience through numerous crisis has shown that prevention and early intervention are necessary and non negotiable, to ensure a safe workplace.

No one understands more than she that in these times, it is not if but when an emergency arises. In her words "preparation is what will be the difference in those outcomes."