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Gratitude and Being Extraordinary

ice cream at Anzio's restaurant Phoenix

In my keynote “The Power of the Extraordinary You” I talk about everyday occurrences that can be turned from ordinary to extraordinary. Last weekend I experienced an extraordinary surprise that has turned me into a raving fan of a little neighborhood Italian Restaurant.

While in an area that was new to us, Steve and I discovered a hidden gem.

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Reporting Workplace Violence: Tattling or Reporting


boy in park

Reporting workplace violence and confronting an offender may make you feel like a snitch. Doing nothing could cost a coworker their life.

Let’s face it: Someone acting inappropriately in the workplace can make us nervous. Especially if that someone is yelling, threatening or striking out in a physical or emotionally distraught manner.

Confronting an offender is scary, and going to a superior may make you feel like a snitch. But doing nothing could cost a coworker their life. Here’s the difference between tattling & reporting:

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Violence Endangers Utility Workers

utility tower

Last week, an angry man in Hialeah, Florida shot at a utility truck, because he didn’t want it parked in front of his house! He is captured on video shooting the truck multiple times. Two utility workers on the west side of St. Louis were fatally shot in April. A utility worker was shot in Fresno, CA in April as well. Two utility workers were shot in Southaven, MS in January. All of these incidents have happened in 2017!

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Does Every Organization Need Active Shooter Training?

police officer with gun

Every week I get calls from clients and potential clients asking about Active Shooter Training – should they offer it/is it necessary? Everyone says the same thing, “It seems like the active shooter incidents are on the rise.” They are right – active shooter incidents are increasing. And these FBI statistics put it in perspective for the United States:

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New Name, New Brand, More Offerings to Help Keep Workplaces Safe, Empowered and Motivated!

After 24 years as a workplace violence expert, I am super excited to announce the launch of our new brand, Carol Cambridge & The Stay Safe Project. Don’t recognize my last name? That’s because I have also taken this opportunity to go back to my maiden name of Cambridge (formerly Fredrickson).

What’s different with the new brand? We are declaring a new paradigm! Teaching people to move away from fear-based thinking and inspiring people to ACT FROM STRENGTH, NOT FEAR in all areas of life. Our customized training and keynotes are a perfect fit for organizations seeking maximum interest and audience engagement.

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